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7th ChESA 2013 @Zulfan Helmi/IndustrialTimes.net
Banda Aceh, IndustrialTimes.net - Welcome to the 7th International Seminars. The 7th ChESA (Chemical Engineering on Science and Applications) was held from September 18th to September 19th, 2013 in Auditorium FKIP Unsyiah. These are seminars of engineers and scientists, for engineers and scientists from all over the world, organized by engineers from the Chemical Engineering Association of Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

One of the aims of these seminars is to provide an opportunity to learn about and inspired by a wide range of cutting-edge world problem especially chemical world’s problems topics, while improving our discussion skills. The most important thing is to break through our intellectual, cultural, concern and making scientific friendships and connections around world.

One of the title of the seminar was “Evaluation and reduction of whole effluent toxicity in sewage treatments for effective use of limited water resources”. It was delivered by a qualified keynote lecture, Prof. Dr. Koichi Fujie from Yokohama National University of Japan and as moderator was Prof. Dr. Y. H. Taufiq Yap from Malaysia. Mr.Koichi Fujie declared and elaborated the topic by giving evidences regarding water problem in the world. Not only in developing country, water’s problem also being a big problem for developed country. He also said, if we live in a place where clean drinking water is taken for granted, it can be difficult to grasp the scarcity of clean water and adequate sanitation. Therefore, he offered a problem solving to accomplish the problem by decreasing whole effluent toxicity in sewage treatment for effective use of water’s dearth. He improved this idea as a breakthrough because of the status quo which mostly happened in some country. They are clean water crisis with limited water resources. 
Prof. Dr. Koichi Fujie @Zulfan Helmi/IndustrialTimes.net
Before he presented his invention, we interviewed him and he said to us, “I do enjoy this seminar for the opportunity to interact with colleagues and international researchers. Everyone was excited and motivated to communicate with each about their research work. I also brilliant and really enjoy gathering in Aceh. Actually I have come to Aceh for 7 times, I always satisfied with the service of local people. Even though, big disaster happened 2004, this province has come up by new face and significant changes. I really impressed with local food, culture, beautiful beach of Aceh. Thanks a bunch Aceh. Thank you for continuing support.

In the end, he hope this seminar will bring truly benefits for solving the problem of the world. He also said, comprehensive solution which offered regarding those problem in the world is at the heart of what’s the action done by us together. We do it to last – bringing the simple equipment and education needed for a lifetime of better health and welfare of society. We do it by hiring local teams and working actively to develop community oversight and we should make it possible. rr

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